Version history

-program completely recompiled with new VC++
-added support for time zone selection from Options dialog
-large icons from separate ICO file moved to main EXE
-improved compatibility with Windows Vista/7/8
-changing option "Run ClocX with Windows" now causes UAC prompt if needed to write into registry
-added many new styles received from fans of ClocX project
-all PNG/BMP themes included in the installation package
-bug fixes

1.5 beta 2
-website address changed to
-new languages added and some old languages updated
-installer/uninstaller updated
-added new presets to full installation package
-fixed a bug when alarm wasn't updated after disabling in Alarms window

1.5 beta 1
-fixed wrong CutColor function (red square under BMP clocks) on Win98/ME with some graphic cards
-alarm can play more multimedia files like MP3, AVI, MPG
-alarm can be set to play only first seconds of audio/video file
-when alarm is set to show alarm window, audio can be played once or looping until alarm window is closed
-added basic support for plugins
-changed CutColor of some INI files to look better on Win98/ME

1.5 alpha 2
-Center position of AM/PM and date indicators can be set in INI files
-fixed bug in alarms with monthly, yearly and minutely reoccurence

1.5 alpha 1
-added options to zoom clock
-added Mouse-Over alpha (transparency when mouse is over ClocX)
-presets are now selected in ListBox instead of ComboBox
-added option to enable/disable second hand (disabling improves performance)
-removed option "Smooth PNG hands rotation" (now optimized and always enabled)
-alarm reoccurence can be set in minutes
-Options dialog divided into two tabs

- updated language files
- updated Nullsoft installer

- internal time structure changed from tm/time_t to SYSTEMTIME/FILETIME (some users was reporting incorrect time in 1.4a1 - 1.4b2)
- added option to hide ClocX window from Alt-Tab window list
- added option Allow multiple instances
- systray tooltip now shows the name of the day in week
- optimized antialiasing code (5-30% faster)
- changes from right-click menu are now saved properly

- fixed a bug of crash, when loading background with PNG hands

- added option to show date indicator
- added option to show time and date as ClocX's systray tooltip
- changed About dialog
- time of alarms in Alarms dialog is now formatted by user locale

- added support for language files (*.lng in Lang subdirectory), it comes with English, Czech, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages
- some minor changes and bugfixes
- added 256-color 16x16 icon (better look for non-WinXP systems)

- added ALARMS (Alarms in right-click menu) - you can define alarm time,
reoccurence (once, daily, weakly, monthly, yearly) and actions (show window
with alarm description, play sound, execute application and shutdown computer)
- some minor changes
- added some PNGs
- removed some BMPs from installation, additional BMPs and PNGs can be
downloaded from Download section of ClocX homepage

- added Calendar to right-click menu
- web site moved to and

- disabled UpdateLayeredWindow error window (caused problems with standby mode)
- added option "Don't reposition window" (usable for dual monitor or if you want ClocX behind the screen edge)

- skinnable hands - added support for custom PNG hands and INI file options HourPNG, MinutePNG, SecondPNG, HourPNGCenterDist, MinutePNGCenterDist, SecondPNGCenterDist
- added option "Smooth PNG hands rotation" for smoother(&slower) skinned hands
- remembers position of Options dialog
- added option "ShowAM/PM"
- INI file option "ShowAMPM" changed to "DisableAMPM" (=don't show AM/PM even enabled in Options)
- added INI file options "AMPMFont" and "AMPMFontSize" to customize AM/PM font
- added command line option "-benchmark" to benchmark your ClocX's settings
- fixed bug with pen for drawing hands
- added support for interlaced&progressive PNGs

- added support for PNG files + per-pixel alfablending!!! (Win2k/XP recomended)
- added option "Pin to Desktop"
- added option "Click through"
- "Always on top" moved from context menu to options
- for alfablending used UpdateLayeredWindow instead of SetLayeredWinAttr
- you can specify color of AM/PM indicator in INI files
- you can specify clock's center point in INI files

- added AM/PM indicator (optional, can be enabled in INI file)
- length of hands is now in pixels instead of float
- Nullsoft Install System is used for installing and uninstalling
- tray bar's icon is 16x16 instead of shrinked 32x32
- you can now specify overlap of hands

- you can use .INI files for customizing
- added some backgrounds
- changed program's icon
- added file LargeIcon.ico with icons up to 128x128

- corrected bug with changing length of hands
- added some backgrounds

- renamed from XClock to ClocX
- added options "Unmovable window" and "Limit position by screen"
- you can now specify length of hands in registry